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Wow it sounds like you have been through so much. You are a strong person and your wee one is luck to have you as your mom. Take care and hope you continue to feel better.


Wow. What a beautiful and inspiring and heart-rending story and life. I remember worrying and thinking about you through all your bedrest, being amazed at your strength, and of course I knew it must be stressful, but I really had no idea, couldn't imagine. Good luck with the easing off the medication--I'm dealing with that balancing act myself. I find it comforting to know that my minor and normal (for me) swings in mood won't last--it's kind of frightening to deal with them again since I haven't been used to them for a while, but so far, not bad. Hope it goes painlessly and easily for you!


I'm just reading some of your blog entries and am feeling sympathetic. My situation was a lot more manageable than yours, but it still scared me a lot. My twins were in the NICU/PICU 3 and 5 weeks. They were born at 34 weeks, I was on bedrest for 7 weeks on a terbutaline pump after going into premature labor at 27 weeks. They are 5 months now. One of my sons still has health problems that we have to keep getting checked out, and the raw fear just wells up in me each time something new crops up, even if it's not serious. I just leap back to that place of worrying about hospital stays, long-term illness, and even death. It is a post-traumatic problem. Anyway, knowing how hard it's been for us, I can't even imagine the severity of what YOU have been through. Truly. I have so much sympathy and respect for you. Thank you for being so open about your experience and what you are still going through.

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