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Goooooooooooooo you stud!!!! Gooooooooooo! Congrats on the first of millions of words!!


I found your blog today and it sounds like your family has had quite the journey. I was wondering if you had a journal going during youre pregnancy and/or Jack's NICU stay. I think it would be inspiring to me to read your story because I am in the middle of a high risk pregnancy myself and though people try to be understanding, it's hard to understand unless you have been there. Seeing that he was born so early and is doing so well gives me hope as I am almost 20 weeks and praying to make it AT LEAST to 28. If you are interested in reading about us, my blogsite is www.miraclebabyb.blogspot.com


Wow that is so great!! Go kiddo go!! Pretty soon he will be talking up a storm I bet! I too am cheering for your little man!

Man that totally sucks about the eye, and all you guys wanted was some fresh air.

Take care and I hope it clears up soon.


Go Jack Go! That's awesome! Bummer about the eye, though.


total stud! how exciting!

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