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Sorry to hear about the ear infections. Hope that someday soon you feel more comfortable about going out.

Take care


Ugh, double ear infections BLOW. Hope he feels better soon.

Does your local EI run any playgroups or anything? It might be nice to get out in a "safe" environment where size, not talking, etc., aren't all that uncommon.


It's too bad that people feel the need to compare and/or make assumptions. I guess we all do to a certain extent, but some people go crazy with it. Well, anyway, their kids can hardly compare to Jack's level of adorableness, so I think they're just jealous!




my little guy was a preemie to (but not as early as Jack) and I constantly feel the need to explain why he is smaller than the others. why do people always have to compare?

i hope Jack is feeling better now.

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