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wow sounds like a really tough time. I know exactly how you feel about not knowing what to do next or everything just being overwhelming. I hope you find some answers and your situation starts to improve...


I have been reading your last couple of entrys, and as a mother of 15 month-old twins, I certainly can sympathize with your feelings of being overwhelmed by every day life. But as a mother who also just lost a baby boy at 22-weeks, you should be thankful that your son is alive. I work with children born prematurely every day, and I know how hard it can be to accept that your child may never be "normal", or will always have medical or physical issues, and that your life may never be the same. But just think how far your son has come, and think of how lucky you are to be able to be able to hug him and tell him you love him every day. I thank God for my twins, but my grief for my son can be overwhelming. I will never be able to hold him or hug him, or introduce him to his big brother and sister, or see him off on his first day of school. Once again, be grateful your son is alive. Try not to sweat the small stuff, life is a gift. Stop complaining.


It's okay to complain. I am very sorry for you, Alyson, but your very sad story doesn't make Amy's hardships any less hard. I feel for you both, and I kiss my kids and count myself as fortunate, but some days I complain, too. My daughter got lice at school and cries and cries when I comb out her hair and I complain. My son STILL doesn't sleep through the night and I complain.

But we all need to stop complaining at some point and thank God for what we have, no matter how much -- or how little -- we may have lost.



I have had many of these moments of "if I could just get the both of us dressed and teeth brushed".

I so feel for you on the financial woes. I mean, the EI has to be draining the pocketbook. For my nephew, so many things are not covered by insurance. They finally got a Medicaid supplement specificially for his therapy.


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