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You are a normal micro-premie mom!! You have had to deal with things most of us will never know or understand.

Take care


Coming to the defense of the olive oil! Our ped told us to concentrate on getting our lil one to eat more *good plant fats* and my development lady completely agreed. So, phht on anyone dissing your suggestions!


That's a pretty normal suggestion for kids in a vegetarian family who also have skinny genes, too. Both Fiona and Duncan started out really big and then had precipitous weight dips between one and two (when they became more active and drank a lot less milk), so I was all about the olive oil. One of Duncan's favorites is still basil and garlic sauted in olive oil and tossed with penne and parmesan cheese. Black olives are another big favorite with them both.

Of course, worrying about being too thin for any reason is totally not normal in this culture. My kids are doomed to be freaks, anyway, what with the vegetarianism and no TV and me making Fi WALK two whole blocks to a birthday party even though it was drizzling. At least you have a good reason for being "not normal" -- mine is all by choice!

Patty O'Furniture

I am so right there with you. Pass the olive oil! And the avocados! And (since we're an animal fat family) the ice cream, too!

You're way better than normal.


I thought all of your nutrition suggestions were GREAT -- the best ones I received. I now ask myself what Juniper can dip things in, I add olive oil to everything, and I make lots of scrambled eggs with cream. I'm very thankful for your suggestions, for what it's worth.

And, if it helps, the comment on my post that was so incredulous about adding olive oil is one of my very single, very skinny friends who has no kids and doesn't eat much herself. In other words, she has no idea what she's talking about.


Thanks Wood. It was just one of those moments where I was struck by how some of our life is very different. It's not bad - just different.

I am glad I could help. I love our nutritionist. She is a lot like your pediatrician. She looks at the whole child and then makes suggestions. Is the child very active? Hell yes. Well that is part of why he is so lean. I love that she calls him lean.

Parenting is so hard and I know I am always feeling like I am failing. So to hear that your child is underweight or * gasp * failing to thrive, well, it is a terrible thing. From what I see and read you and Dutch are doing a stellar job braving the unknowns of parenthood. Thanks for coming over to visit.

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