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I read this and thought of you:

Pictured above: That's Grandpa Angel, Grandma Angel, PAM, and me as a wee infant (with a fractured skull that made my head all wonky and disproportionately sized and which might look normal sticking out of that little blankie, but believe me it's, like, straight out of Alien or something)

(I was born about eight weeks early and I was in the hospital for thirty days while my lungs developed and I learned how to breathe) (I have no idea what day the above picture was taken, but it must have been a few weeks after I was born because they've gotten me off of the ventilator)

Now, I know that Jack was in the NICU way longer and he was WAY more premie, but I just wanted to share the POV one of my favorite Hollywood writers (and bloggers) has about his earliest days.

Here's a link to his blog, if you want to see for yourself what a fine young man he's turned into: http://myyearofnewthings.blogspot.com/

Just thinking of you, good good good (not normal) mother. You have so much heart!


Oh, apparently I can't do "italics" on your comments. Okay, only "Pictured above..." through "...ventilator)" is from Erik's site.

Sorry 'bout that!


Ooh, girl, you should see this: http://theflyingenchilada.blogspot.com/2006/05/mommy-blogs.html


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