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Oh no! Did it come back to haunt you or was he just a wound up, sugared up mess?


He was a wound up, sugared up mess. I mean at one point the kid was angry he was so hyped up. And the sleep. The sleep was terrible. I learned my lesson.


The things that make our lives easier always seem to make us pay in the end!! LOL!

Love the new look


glad you found me. i had no idea i was a total rock star. that kicks ass if i do say so....


Hi I found your blog through your post on Becci's :) Just wanted to say your son is adorable. I am a mother of a 27 weeker myself.. and ditto about making us pay in the end!!


Oh man... that is no fun. When Shoshanna was ittybitty (under 2 months adjusted), *I* ate too much sugar. I dumped an entire day's worth of milk just to get her un-hyped. And of course it was while Daddy was out of town, so I was home alone with a wound up "newborn".

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