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That is so sweet....


We had a nurse and a RT who did things like that for our little boy (he was born at 26 weeks, 6 days). The nurse held him and read to him one night for over 2 hours because I wasn't able to stop by.

It is surprising how much of a part of the family the NICU staff becomes.

I still don't have the strength to stop by and see them. I can't imagine their reaction when they found out our son passed away.

Thanks for sharing your story.


I hope that I can have that kind of impact on someone's life one day. When people ask why I want to become a nurse, I tell them that it's because maybe, just maybe, I can ease someone's pain a bit, make things a little better for them when they're going through a difficult time. Yep - that's what it's about.


I am just catching up! I am finally back from my vacation. What a nice post, I am glad you had such a great person to be with your son when he started out.

Take care!

I was reading some of your previous posts, I can't imagine all the things that you have been through. I wish you and your son the very best and I hope it does get easier as time passes.

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