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Oh my.. poor little man!

Take car


Aww! What happened?

christy everett

I might cry with you Amy. I know your heart was in your throat when it happened. Sending healing energy right back at you, Christy


oh poor little guy! I hope it heals up well!


He's still a gorgeous boy, scar and all. Hope it's healing up nice & quick, though.


I've been reading your site for a few days now. I'm a mom to a beautiful former preemie (34 weeks) named Grace, age 4, and a beautiful former micropreemie (27 weeks) named, Meghan, age 2. I had early babies due to severe preeclampsia.

I just wanted you to know that I've thought similar thoughts and felt similar feelings. If one more person tells me that Meghan will be fine, I'm going to scream. Tell that to our EI team. They are often the bearers of bad news and the latest research. What gets me through is watching Meghan and Gracie enjoy the simple things in life. I found your site through Moreena's blog. I met her online because my daughters' have a genetic disorder of the liver. Isn't cyberspace so small? From one former micropreemie mom to another, you've got a great site here. I'm sure your son will appreciate that you took the time to document his journey.



Poor baby!!!!
Poor mommy too!!!!
I remember when my darling daughter #4 had a similar accidnet when she was that small. Unfortunately for her she did need stitches. Like my Jodie, I am confident your sweet one will heal and no one will see the scar....except for mom. We seem to never forget where they are. Still it doesn't make it any easier.


Oh poor both of you. So glad you didn't have to get stitches! I would cry. I can guarantee it. Glad he's o.k.- now he will have a little scar and he will look really tough!

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