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the stats are grim, the stats are true but still I see the faces of the tiny NICU grads I have cared for over the years, I see your beautiful boy and I see my little boy and the numbers and their reality blurs.
I love our little odds breakers!


Yup - he's perfect. Statistics are summaries and babies are individuals. Sometimes you just gotta cover your ears and go "la la la" and not 'hear' what you're hearing or reading.


He is wonderful, special, beautiful, a fighter, and one tough little dude. He's here to show the world what he can do!


I remember the nurses handing this to me when I was magged out of my mind...hospitalized w/preterm labor.
For me it was a scare tactic to keep me on the mag sulfate for 6 wks- which now they never do.
My story didn't end as well.
Anyway, I love your tiny guy. I just look at him and I love him.
You will find that 'fine' will gather a whole new definition for you. As will perfect.
As in 'He IS just perfect.'


He is perfect! My neice was born at 26 weeks and is an honor student right now. I know that 2 weeks is a big difference in babies this young, but it just shows you that babies like her and Jack can defy any statistic. And even if they aren't honors students, they are still perfect.



So glad that your little man wasn't a worst case scenario... sometimes too much information is a bad thing.

Take care and give your little man a big ole hug!


The chart gives me some comfort. My wife and I just lost a 23 weeker (July 7). It would have been nice if this chart was available when we had 30 mins to decide what we wanted to do delivery wise. It breaks my heart to think what could have been. Also, our baby weighed 1 pound, 7 oz. That leaves me wondering.

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