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Ack - that's the worst. My kid is 6 and we still deal with it - not so much in clothing sizes (although he's bigger up top than on the bottom), but just finding stuff that works for him. (He had a hard day at summer camp the other day - he walks more slowly with a walker so he missed storytime, and they hadn't figured out how to adapt the slip and slide for him yet - it was a day of him being left out poor thing). I say order the one from the UK and sign up for another set of swim lessons... Or, find wetsuit material (yardage) somewhere, and sew him a suit (or have someone do it). That'd still take 3 weeks probably LOL - I'm a big help.

It sucks though. Totally breaks your heart. Luckily, he's perfect and perfectly beautiful ;)

--Sara, who just found your blog recently.


I don't know if it will work, but isnorkel makes a little wetsuit for kids - http://store.isnorkel2.com/s620cf.html with the smallest weight as 22.5 pounds. They ship from Ann Arbor so you might be able to get it quicker for than 21 days. I've been reading your blog and would hate to see your kid get shortchanged, too.


Man I hope you can find a wet suit for your little man. Hugs


I have no words of wisdom, but I am wowed by Jack's verbal skills. Sentences?????? Wow!!! Awesome!



Hey Amy - Trying to play catch up on all the Blogs! Have you looked into public pools (the Y comes to mind) that offer water aerobics for adults with arthritis? Those pools are usually kept at higher temps.

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