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Chris Powell

Wow. That is so tough. You don't want to be as small as he is, though, do you? I wish you luck in finding a way to come to terms with this.


OMG!! My sister did the same thing to me after I had a 25 weeker. Somehow, my hospitalization/bedrest/Nicu experience became all about her. Because I didn't call her back right after the C-Section, she won't talk to me anymore. She made my parents somehow feel so much pity for her, they bought her a NEW CAR and didn't help us with the hospital bills (and we're normal/upper middle class types, not druggies, etc.). So, what I finally did is realize fuck her, whatever. When I found out she was having a baby from my dad, I mailed some booties and a nice card of congratulations. Thats been it. Believe me, you don't need that headache. Narcissists are the worst.


Quite possibly, your brother and his missus are about to figure out that parenting is SO HARD (even under "normal" circumstances) that they will be cutting you some slack. I hope they have the courage to admit this to you in good time.


Wow, you know I don't know how I would handle my brother treating me like that. I definitely get mixed feelings hearing about ANY pregnancy now... and a hint of jealousy at the "normal" preggos out there.

I just don't get how someone could treat their family like that. Shame on him.


I am with Becci.. shame on him.

I am so sorry that you have to put up with family crap after everything you have been through.

LoriDawn Messuri

Hi there! About your bro... I say be the bigger person & if it's not coming from "love," don't do it :). I thought you may be interested in this documentary about a preemie... it's so touching & educational. It's really amazing. It's called "little man."

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